COVID-19 Benefits Update

  • CERB payments have been extended from 24 to 28 weeks and after that, those who are eligible for EI will get a minimum of $400/week for at least 26 weeks
  • a new benefit for those not EI eligible will provide $400/week for 26 weeks
  • there is also a $500/week sickness/care giving benefit for those who need it
  • GIS and the Allowance for seniors, GST/HST and child benefits are all based on the previous year’s income. These benefits were extended to the end of Sept. even if 2019 taxes were not filed in Apr. but taxes need to be filed by the end of Sept. or those benefits will stop in Oct.
  • eviction orders can now be enforced in Ont. if tenants are in rent arrears
  • OW and ODSP recipients can receive $100 for individuals and $200 for families to assist with extra costs for cleaning supplies, food, clothing and transportation due to COVID-19
  • Brantford Transit resumed charging fares in Aug.

A helpful website for determining eligibility for benefits can be found at

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