COVID-19 Benefits Update

CERB payments have been extended from 24 to 28 weeks and after that, those who are eligible for EI will get a minimum of $400/week for at least 26 weeks a new benefit for those not EI eligible will provide $400/week for 26 weeks there is also a $500/week sickness/care giving benefit for those who … Continue reading “COVID-19 Benefits Update”

Furniture Donations Now Accepted

We are (finally) ready to resume acceptance of your generous donations of furniture. Our priority continues to be furniture essential to the lifestyles of those we serve. That would include something to sit on, sleep on, eat at – of modest sizes as so many of us now live in smaller spaces. Out of respect … Continue reading “Furniture Donations Now Accepted”

The Energy of Our Young(est) Volunteers

All of the volunteers at SSVP Brant Thrift Store are young at heart, regardless of their chronological age. However this summer, additional lively young volunteers arrived to assist our usual crew. At the pre-sorting table, Quin (Gr. 9 at Assumption College) has been assisting Grandma Rita with her tasks. In new volunteer roles necessitated by … Continue reading “The Energy of Our Young(est) Volunteers”