Mother’s Day Outreach by SSVP Brant Thrift Store


May 8, 2019 by Director of Systemic Change Marg Beach: The SSVP Brant Thrift Store went out to the Stepping Stones Resource Centre at Riverside Gardens on May 8th to coincide with a children’s after school activity.  A variety of our jewellery was put on display.  Each child was able to choose a gift for their mother for Mother’s Day.  Gift bags and boxes were also supplied so that each piece of jewellery was ready for giving.

Some children gave very careful consideration to each piece while others quickly identified what they wished to give.  One girl was delighted with a butterfly pin for her mother.  Another child expressed his hope for an item with a heart and was happy to have two items from which to choose.  All the children were respectful of only one item per child but two children did pick a second item to give their step-mothers.

We extend our thanks to Leigh Savage, Community Development Coordinator, Brant Family and Children’s Services and Taryn Peebles, the Child Development Worker at Stepping Stones for their enthusiasm and support of this event.

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