This is NOT DONATING; this is DUMPING.

Dumping continues outside the SSVP Brant Thrift Store when staff is not on site, despite clearly posted messages and frequent pleas over social media. Not one of these items will go to the people served by SSVP Brant or sold in the Thrift Store to raise funds to support SSVP services for those in need. Because of vandalism and pandemic quarantine protocols, all of these items must go directly into the garbage bin – which SSVP Brant pays $150 to empty each time. Sadly, this is a recurring problem.

“We are always appreciative of the generous donations from members of our community! They are essential to our service to those in need in Brantford/Brant.” says St. Vincent de Paul local President Pat Lenz. “But, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, we can only manage them at specific times” (Wednesday 9-12 for non-furniture items, furniture by appointment).

When useful items and those in good repair are dropped off when donations are not being accepted, they create multiple problems for the charity.

  • Poor weather causes damage to otherwise valuable donations;
  • Vandals, tearing through boxes and bags, destroy donated items;
  • Volunteers must deal with the mess left behind;
  • And, during pandemic times, all donations must be carefully quarantined when received – so anything not received properly cannot be accepted;
  • Therefore, all of these generous donations end up being sent to the landfill at our expense. Those are wasted funds that cannot be used to support those in need in our community.

Before you pack up:

  • Check out what the charity can accept – and when – via their social media (website, Facebook etc.) or email or phone.
  • If the conditions of what and when do not work for you, explore other local charity operations.
  • If, on closer look, you realize the items are not acceptable to anyone locally, call the City to arrange free pick up of your items at the curb; you can do that twice a year

Local charities provide you with an opportunity to support their service, but disposing of items that are soiled, damaged or not useable because of vandalism or exposure from the weather is a frustrating, even costly, distraction from their service. “Please be considerate of those people in need who will not receive your damaged or destroyed donated items and the volunteers who have to clean up the mess left behind.”, appeals Ms. Lenz.

Thanks to all of you who consider donating. The SSVP Thrift Store at 143 Wellington and Clarence streets in Brantford gratefully accepts donations on Wednesday from 9 a.m. until noon and furniture by appointment. Learn more at or SSVP Brant Facebook page, email or call the Store 519-751-0143.

Contact: Ms. Pat Lenz or 519-751-0143.