Putting Words Into Action!!

We extend our thanks to Ms. Torto and the students from her Social Justice and Specialist High Skills Major classes for helping us help our neighbours in need!

On the afternoon of Monday, November 27, Ms. Torto, Ms. Sheldrake and 25 Assumption College students visited our store and offered up their help with various tasks as a show of support!

The event was also an opportunity for them to learn more about our organization, and how we help those in need. They got first-hand exposure to the store and its operations as Rob Campbell took groups of them on a tour of the store and engaged them in post-tour discussions.
Pat Lenz gave some of the students first hand experience in sorting, organizing and preparing clothing for sale in the store.
Peter Giordano put their young eyes to work finding the best before dates on the last of the donated Halloween for Hunger food donations and organizing the items accordingly.
Jeanette Lee had her group of students preparing binders, paper, pens, markers, and notebooks for shipping to developing countries through the Pencil Case Project, which is finally set to resume after a 4 year pandemic-induced pause.

Some students also helped organize all the totes and yet others helped maintain the retail area by dusting all of the window ledges and assembling Christmas trees.

All in all, it was a very productive day, and what we hope was a win-win-win situation!

The students got to see what we do, and were able to contribute to our cause.

We at the store had someone share our workload … many hands make light work!

Finally, our neighbours in need will be the ultimate beneficiaries of the students efforts!!

We thank the students, Ms. Torto, Ms. Sheldrake, and our store volunteers for helping us help our neighbours in need!